22: Books I read last year

2016 edition! I didn't realize I read significantly less than in 2015. Not good! Will take this as motivation to read more in 2017. The italicized books are the ones I particularly liked. 1. Is everyone hanging out without me? - Mindy Kaling 2. I Shall Not Hate - Izzeldin Abuleish 3. Room - Emma …

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Accutane Part Two

I recently finished my second round of Accutane. I did five months of it in 2011 but my acne came back so my dermatologist put me back on it, this time for the full six months. The first time I was on it, it wasn’t too bad. Typical side effects: dry lips, hair, some back …

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1935 coin

Earlier this week at home I found a 1935 coin with Palestine written in Arabic, Hebrew and English on one side, and Fifty Mils on the other, in near perfect condition mixed in among Canadian coins. A quick eBay search tells me this coin is being auctioned from $19-$350, but I'm keeping this one forever.

Chris Hadfield – Meeting a true Canadian hero

Chris Hadfield is someone who inspires. He always comes across as humble, personable and down to earth (ha!). Hadfield is the first Canadian commander of the International Space Station and he spent five months orbiting the earth in 2013. I avidly followed his adventures from space on social media and looked forward to the remarkable …

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If the world were 100 people

This infographic shows what the world would be like with a population of just 100. To see the statistics, click here: http://100people.org/statistics_100stats.php?section=statistics Even with a world of just 100 people, one would die from starvation, 23 people would not have a shelter, and, 17 would be illiterate. Compared to a population of 7 billion, there is …

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